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Types of Wood Flooring

There are four categories of wood flooring on the market today: Unfinished, Prefinished, Engineered and Floating.

Unfinished Wood Flooring is the type of authentic wood flooring in which we specialize.  Unfinished wood flooring gives you a great opportunity for ultimate customization. You select the species, stains and finish to customize the flooring for your space. Living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and dens are excellent locations within the home that could be enhanced with unfinished flooring.

There are some decent Prefinished Flooring products that not only enhance any room but also provide you with a factory finish warranty of up to 25 years. There is a wide variety of flooring available in almost any species of wood.

Engineered Wood Flooring consist of layers of wood pressed together with the top layer consisting of the laminate finished-floor product. Many different species, colors and finishes are available.   This type of product is perfect for those areas of the home where unfinished wood flooring is not suitable. Basements, bathrooms, utility rooms and kitchens are perfect rooms to install this type of flooring.

Floating Flooring can be installed almost anywhere. Floating floors are made of multiple layers of wood constructed into a long plank with tongue and grooves along all four sides.